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What Made Me Go In?

I've had quite a few people ask me about symptoms--what made me go in to get checked out--so I decided to include this.  It may be a little TMI for some, and normally I wouldn't share with eeeeverybody, but I think it's important.  I realize many people are scared to go in, but let me tell you, it can prevent even scarier news.  Be Brave. Be Proactive.

I'm not one to go to doctors unless I really, really need to.  I'm also not the type to pop any sort of pill to make myself feel better for any reason--it's just never my first thought to do this.  I do, however, have routine check ups like we ought to.

I've had some tummy issues for a while now--pretty difficult to say how long as I was pregnant from mid 2013- early 2016 straight pretty much.  But anyways, after pregnancies, the tummy issues seemed to be worse around that 'time of the month,' or when I was ovulating.  Those are really the only times I had abdominal cramping.  I pretty much chalked it up the to the fact that I had three babies in two years--my hormones were soooooo out of whack.  My bowel movements were more frequent and smaller.  My body seemed like a hot mess when all was said and done.  But, the abdominal pain around the time of my period was really, really painful--nothing like it used to be.  It was pretty intense so I scheduled an ultrasound with my OBGYN this past February.  There was nothing abnormal seen, so she said what she thought it might be, what to do about it, so I did.  And that was pretty much that.

Well, fast forward to July of this year.  I got incredibly tired--like, 'take a nap when the kids took naps' kind of tired--which I hardly EVER do.  That's my time to get as much done as I possibly can!  But....I sleep like complete crap at night, I have 3 toddlers (1, 2, 3) to take care of all day every being tired wouldn't seem abnormal.  But this kind of tired even got me wondering.

August. I started noticing I was going even more--there were some days where I would have like five, small bowel movements before breakfast in the morning.  And then...there was a tiny bit of mucus that I noticed.  I do want to add here, that with my last pregnancy with my son, I was lucky enough to also receive fissures from that pregnancy--woo hoo!  And those really started to 'act up' this particular point in time.  So, I made a call to my favorite doctor, told her what was going on, and she had me come in to have my fissures checked out.  From my understanding, a little bit of mucus can be pretty common with fissures as well.  So I went in, got checked, and that was that. 

Well, it was maybe a week later--if that--when more mucus came out--a lot more than the first time.  So, I called my doctor again.  She had me come in for some blood work to see if anything was abnormal there.  My blood work came back just fine--minus low iron count but that's pretty common in us women.  This....what happens next....was the game changer.

"Ya know...would you want to schedule a CT scan?  You've had these issues for a while now and this way we can just rule stuff out or see what's going on."  I could be wrong here...but I don't know that there would be many doctors who would ask about a CT scan after blood work came back just fine.  Maybe it's because she knows me well and knows I don't just make stuff up in my head or come to the doctor for the 'fun' of it, I don't know. But. Best doctor ever.  I may have never known.

Well, a CT scan was scheduled for 2 weeks later.  Want to hear something a little crazy?  I almost canceled that scan.  Everything seemed to subside a bit in those weeks--the cramping was no longer there, my bowel movements were becoming less frequent--why keep it?  But there was something telling me to just keep it.  So I did.  And here we are.

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