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To Houston We Go

So now....we're in Houston.  We had an appt at MD Anderson on Wednesday morning.  This place is HUUUUUUGE.  My goodness.'s #1 so figured we should check it out. 

We met with the Dr. and he is in agreement with the initial treatment plan--and start ASAP.  That treatment plan basically includes 3 different drugs being thrown at me because I'm young and can take it.  And then?  We go from there.  We see how the cancer responds to the chemo and we go from there. 

There are still many factors we need to see what we're dealing with--pathology and what not-- but that should be done any day now.  Mayo is handling that and the Dr. said he's sure they'll do a fine job with that.  He did mention something about 120 different panels they can do that Mayo most likely will not.... so we'll see if it gets to that point.  I hope and pray that if the chemo is not enough on its own, that the doctors at MD Anderson will have something else up their sleeves.  I really try my best not to worry about the outcome of all of this, but it's very difficult.  I pray alot about it--I pray for Him to calm my worries and my fears and to trust to just 'Give it to God.'  Worrying does nothing, this I know. 

Yesterday my hubby looked at me,"How far is the nearest ocean?"  So off to Galveston we went!  It was only about an hour drive---and we both are obsessed with the ocean.  It's just unbelievably beautiful and there's something so calming about it.  I love the smell, the sight, the sound, walking along the beach with the waves rolling over my feet.  Just love it.  So, we walked the beach, checked out a nearby Aquarium, ran to the nearest grocery store (because you know, I'm eating all organic veggies all the time now) and sat and had dinner on the beach.  It was an amazing day. He. Is. The. Best.  And he's darn cute, too.

One last meeting with the Dr. in Houston today to go over the results of the CT scan we did on Wednesday. He wanted to have a more updated scan so they can better compare how the chemo is working once it's started.  And after that?  We go back home to Wisconsin to see our babies!!

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