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More tests and a family trip

The Tuesday of that week I had a liver biopsy done.  I remember sitting in the room with my husband, being prepped for it and all that fun stuff.  The nurse came in and started getting ready to hook me up to the IV's.  We all chatted, all nonsense kind of stuff, and they were talking about how people laugh at themselves when they make jokes, even when no one else is laughing--they seem to think they're funny. came time for the nurse to check my veins and as he was getting ready, he asked if I had a preference in arm.  So naturally, I respond, "I've become quite the vein whore.  I've been told multiple times...they're reeeeaaaaally good. So take your pick."  Both of them busted out laughing.  "Gotcha."  But let me tell you...he was not disappointed.  He felt my vein in my arm and did that little 'head bob' that meant, "huh, she's absolutely right."  As he was feeling that vein I, of course, look at him and say, "It's good isn't it."  He smiled, "Yeah, actually it is."  In his head, he's probably thinking, "What the heck is wrong with this chick." 

More waiting commenced.  At one point, I could feel my anxiety rising--and it wasn't because of the procedure.  I wasn't scared one bit of that procedure.  It was just thinking about everything--the past few days and everything that transpired.  I was getting so incredibly anxious on that table that I didn't know if I'd be able to do the procedure without being put completely under.  And that is when I pray.  I folded my hands, and there it was.  Nothing.  I had nothing.  I didn't have the words at that point.  All I did was look up, and there it came to me--a bible verse I learned many, many years ago as a little girl in school.  "Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." I closed my eyes and recited that in my head.  I immediately felt a sense of peace and calming come over me--and I was okay again.

The procedure went fairly fast and just as I expected--not bad at all, and I was in pretty much zero pain afterwards.  Done for that day!

Wednesday was a day off from having any appointments--so, we decided to take the kids to the DeYoung Family Zoo!  Steve asked," How is it outside today?"  "Oh my gosh, it's gorgeous!"  So we packed our lunches and off we went!  We just had to make it there in time to see the tiger feeding.

It is such a beautiful drive.  As we're getting closer and closer, we noticed the sky turning an undesired color.  Huh.  But it was SO nice out back home...yeah...we didn't think to check Michigan's weather.  Oops.  About a mile away from the zoo, it started downpouring--hardcore raining.  We pull into the parking lot and all of a sudden Steve says, "Wait here," and jumps out of the van.  He comes back with tickets to the zoo and three cute, little umbrellas for the kids.  I was kind of like, "Uuuuum....we're heading in there now?!  Yeah,'s raining too hard."  So...we decided to get the kids out of their car seats, open the hatch in the van, and have a picnic right there while it was raining.  My son and I ate in the front seat because he wanted his momma of course ;) but Steve and the girls had a blast eating in the back!  I'm pretty sure they thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Well, the rain let up a little bit so we decided to make a run for it and head into the zoo, under the nearest pavilion--which just so happened to be next to the tigers.  Come to find out, because of the rain, we missed the feeding--bummer, man.  But, let me tell you...the kids had a BLAST under that pavilion.  They were running out into the rain, jumping in puddles, entertaining the others that were under the pavilion with us, just having fun.  Our middle child, Ellie (or as we refer to her most often, 'Bean') all of a sudden noticed the tigers next to us, points and says, "Big oooooooone," in her exorcist-like voice that she every so often likes to just throw out there.  There will be days where I'll ask, "Bean, did you want some of this?"  "No mommyyyyyyy," in that freaking exorcist-like voice.  I wait for her head to spin around when this comes out.  By the way...there really is no denying that this little girl is my child.  Even if I tried.

Well, the storm subsided and onward we went to venture out into the zoo to see all the animals.  As we were making our way to the exit, the coolest thing happened.  Guess what time it was?  Feeding time!  Turns out we got to see the tigers and mountain lions being fed after all--the main reason we came to this zoo.  Again, I couldn't help but look up and say,"Thank you, God."

So it turned out to be an awesome day.  We drove there, not expecting to drive into a storm.  But after sitting there and enjoying what we could, we rode the storm out.  We didn't know how long it would last, when it would pass, but we waited--and some of the best moments happened in that time.  And of course, as it always does, the storm passed.  And onward we went.

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