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  • Jess Haag

Just a Quick Update

October 10, 2017.  My second chemo treatment in the books.  This one actually went better than the first one so I'm thankful for that!  Last time I felt like I had the flu for several days--Dr. thinks it was a cold I caught right off the bat.  I get this really weird throat thing though--super 'funky' feeling in my throat but only when I drink something like water.  It's completely fine when I eat, when I swallow, but water is a whole other story. 

Such a weird thing, this whole 'stage IV cancer thing.  I feel good.  So weird to me--but I won't complain, that's for sure!

What's next for me?  I have a CT scan coming up on the 30th of this month--checking the progress of the first 2 treatments.  According to a tumor marker, after the first treatment it went from 700 something to 400 something.  Those are sometimes accurate, sometimes not so the CT scan will be the best indicator.

My next chemo treatment will be November 1st--I had to push it back for Halloween, of course.  I love Halloween! 

I find myself in tears (the good kind) more often than not because of all the overwhelming support, prayers & love we receive.  There are not enough "Thank you's" that we could give.

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