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It's Bestie Takeover Day

You know those friends and family that Jess is always talking about—we believe her words were the ones who “pull us through”…. Well, we’re two of them. And today is Bestie Takeover Day on Jess’s blog and Facebook page. And given some of you are likely to be perusing Facebook before she is, you’ll know before she does but here’s the deal…

Believing in miracles is HARD WORK. And we all know that Jess has a strong faith, but even the strongest of faiths can be frequently tested and sometimes, needs a bolstering up by some friends. So, we’re here to ask for your help for our good buddies, Jess and Steve… who could use some extra support right now. Because two years of fighting cancer is EXHAUSTING. Mentally, physically and emotionally.

We also see many, many, many of you comment every time Jess posts—and the posts say things like, “You’re an inspiration” and “You’re so strong”. And she is… and Steve is. But that strength does not mean that doubt and fear don’t exist. It doesn’t mean that this battle isn’t exactly that—a battle. And you won’t find many people winning battles on their own, so we’re calling in the troops. We’re asking this army—Jess’s Army—to come alongside this family and support them in two ways:

1. Consider participating in a t-shirt fundraiser for Stevie and Jess. Support them not only financially, as all profits from the sales will be donated to them, but also emotionally—as you wear one of Jess’s favorite Bible verses around town, boldly proclaiming, with her, that, “We have this HOPE”.

Her words about this verse, we think are particularly relevant to why we picked it for this fundraiser: “Sometimes on tough days, we need little reminders of hope. So I thought to myself, "Huh. I think I would like a 'pretty' reminder...something I can look at and feel-- that will remind me that with God there is ALWAYS hope”.”

Join us in wearing this shirt to remind not only Jess and Steve, but also ourselves, that there is ALWAYS hope. And hope triumphs fear--for where this is hope, there is faith, and where there is faith, miracles happen. And we BELIEVE in miracles.

2. Not able to support Jess & Steve financially? Not to worry, we have an even more important request of all of you. We know that Jesus tells us in Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” We KNOW and we BELIEVE in the power of prayer.

On Friday, August 30, 2019 at noon (central time), we’d like to ask you all to join us for a virtual prayer circle. We’re asking you set aside 5 minutes and pray for Jess and Steve. Our hope is that Jess’s family and friends (and friends of the family and friends, and friends of those friends—you get the picture) come together with us and pray, pray for hope, pray for a miracle, pray for continued strength, pray for peace that surpasses all understanding. Don’t have the words to pray? Don’t worry, we’ve asked one of Jess and Steve’s favorite pastors, Pastor Tim, from St. Peter’s Church in Freedom to write one for you and he happily helped us out:

Prayer: Heavenly Father, your Word is filled with so many promises that we take for granted and so easily overlook. Today, however is not going to be one of those days! You tell us to call on you “in our times of trouble”, encourage us to “cast all our cares on you”, assure us that you “are with us always”, that your will “is gracious and for our eternal good" and tell us that the prayers of believers “are powerful and effective”. What’s even more amazing is that you already know that we are clinging to these promises as we pray for our friend Jess and her family - Steve & Emma, Ellie, and Wyatt.

Two years have come and gone and Jess' battle with cancer is still being waged. We thank you for all that the doctors have done, the impact the treatments have had, and their faith that you have strengthened - these are great things. We know that what has happened and will happen, is in your hands which is why we want to be bold on their behalf today in our prayers. Lord, we pray you do even greater things for them going forward! Continue to give them the strength they need in the middle of this storm to quiet their fears. Continue to fill them with your peace that goes beyond our understanding when their hearts are filled with questions and they are overwhelmed by uncertainty. And if we might be so bold to ask that if it’s your will, grant what the doctors would call a miracle for Jess as she continues down this path.

Jesus, you performed miracles that healed deadly diseases, and you have given us doctors and medicine to bring healing that in the world's mind are “miraculous”. We pray that today is one step closer to that reality because your Word says that you “are able to do immeasurable more that we can ask or imagine.” While we are asking for something big because this cancer is strong, we pray this to you knowing that you are bigger and stronger than any disease the world has ever known. Finally Lord, whatever happens, continue to assure them of your presence, comfort them with your promises, strengthen their faith and use Jess and her story to give you glory knowing “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul firm and secure.” We pray this in your powerful name, knowing that as much as we love Jess and her family you love her even more. Amen.

Please join us in storming heaven’s gates with prayers for this amazing family.

That’s it… that’s Bestie Takeover Day. Just two besties asking this army of family, friends and prayer warriors to come alongside Jess and Steve in a real way to give them a little boost—both financially and emotionally. We know that Jess has been a testimony to both of us and many of you on the power of faith, and now it’s time for us to return that testimony right back to her and Steve.

Hope & Pray.

All our love and prayers, Amber Schroeder and Tif Schruafnagel

P.S. Jess, we know there are grammatical mistakes in this post, but you’re the friend who proofreads. You’re going to have to deal with our misplaced commas and love us for them! 😊

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