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  • Jess Haag

In the Eye of the Tiger

"YOU CAN'T WIN!" "No, maybe I can't win.  Maybe the only thing I can do is just take everything he's got.  But to beat me, he's gonna have to kill me."

One of my absolute favorite movies of all time.  Need a hint?  Yo, Adrian.  Hey boy--you ready for another beatin, you shoulda NEVER came back. Mickey loves you. Apollo Creed. Eye of the Tiger.

I've loved these movies since I was a little girl.  So much so, I wanted to be a fighter back then (until I realized I didn't really want to get hit in the face over and over and over again).  We had boxing gloves growing up, living that dream in the basement "pretending" to beat each other up.  I have three brothers, by the way, so I grew up a tomboy.  Good times.  The "pretend" fighting became real after my youngest brother and I got a liiiittle too competitive/heated in the moment and I popped him in the nose--and there was blood.  Well....that escalated quickly.  But anyways....back to my love for Rocky.

Sylvester Stallone will always have a special place in my heart because of these movies.  How can you not love the story of Rocky in a nutshell---a no name fighter, the underdog, the one that everyone thinks "can't do it."  But, he proves them wrong.  My absolute favorite one is Rocky IV--the one with the Russian.  Ohhh how I love how he challenges Ivan Drago to fight after Ivan beats Apollo Creed to death, knowing full well he is up against a crazy fighting machine.  And not only does Rocky have to physically train like he's never trained before to beat this guy--he has to prepare mentally and emotionally, which is even harder.  Think about it--his opponent just killed his bestie and his wife just told him that he couldn't win.  (I mean..seriously, Adrian.  How heartless is that?!'s ROCKY we're talking about here.  Let's be real.)

Do you have a life "theme" song?  Is there that song, that whenever you hear it, you feel like you can just take on anything that's given to you? 

When I was first diagnosed with this thing, a couple days later I received a message from one of my cousins.  We stood up in each other's weddings--love this girl, and she knows me very well.  One of her messages?  Eye of the Tiger.  She could hear the Rocky theme song pounding in her head. It's crazy how you hear the things you need to hear at the exact right moments.

This 'fighter' mentality is something I feel we all should really embrace.  A month before my diagnosis, I was in Dallas at my Mary Kay seminar--let me tell you, I have never felt more inspired in my life.  Some of these women and their stories of pain, perseverance, and triumph really move and inspire you.  One of the speaker's themes was "You've gotta FIGHT for the LIFE you wanna live."  It's crazy how that phrase resonated with me at that particular moment in time, and how it took on a whole new meaning for me almost exactly one month later.

I LOVE life.  I love my life.  I have so much to be thankful for.  If I could change my health issues would I?  Of course!  So I'm doing EVERYTHING in my power to change it.  The rest I give to God. What do you do when you're feeling down and out, hopeless, alone, out of control?  Talk to God.  He'll listen.  Even if it's your first time talking to Him--He'd love to hear from you.  Everything in your life going great?  Awesome!  Talk to God and thank Him for all the blessings, too. 

We all have battles in life--whether it be anxiety, depression, addictions, loss of a loved one, numerous health issues, financial issues, etc.  There is so much we have to battle on a daily basis that can bring us down.  I just pray and hope that you are facing your battles head on, full force, fighting like crazy to change whatever it is that brings you down.  We have this one life to live--and we should enjoy it like crazy.  None of us are guaranteed tomorrow...make today count.

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